The Pets Eden Family

The team at Pets Eden comprises of fun-loving, driven individuals from a wide variety of backgrounds that work together through our love of animals. All our team members have gone through positive reinforcement training courses, conducted by various trainers in Singapore. At Pets Eden, we not only work hard, we play hard as well.


We believe all individuals should have access to holistic and vocational skill development opportunities, in a nurturing environment, where each of our family member builds self-confidence and is empowered to live a life of dignity and happiness


As a social enterprise that provides positive change to the lives of less advantaged Singaporeans, our vision is to be increasingly successful and to gain regionally prominence, allowing us to spread our model to more communities in Asia. Wherever there is the less advantaged in the region, we want and will be there


We are a family who cares about all others (humans and animals) and where big smiles and wagging tails bring the promise of love, compassion and security. We work hard because we believe we can make a difference and because we love our organization for all it represents.

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About Our Trainer - Michael Farro

Our lead stylist, Michael Farro, is a professional Singapore Kennel Club (SKC) certified groomer whose expertise and passion for bringing out the best in every dog has landed him with numerous awards and prizes in grooming as well as show competitions. His ability to handle dogs with care while achieving a fabulous look for them is due to his years of experience and love for animals.

Michael awarded the Best Technical Award by the Singapore Kennel Club

Michael executing a precise lamb clip at the Singapore Kennel Club grooming competition

Michael has been actively involved in the dog show field since the age of 13, giving him many years of exposure grooming and handling dogs of a wide variety of breeds. After proving himself in his hometown of Philippines, Michael was given the opportunity to compete in Singapore where his talent caught the eye of a local grooming establishment. 

He underwent further grooming education in Singapore by the Singapore Kennel Club and performed outstandingly at the Singapore Kennel Club grooming competition, winning the Best Technical Award; awarded to the best groomer out of 100 in the category. Michael has also been awarded the SKC Class C Qualification in Professional Dog Grooming in 2012, and subsequently the SKC Class B Qualification in Professional Dog Grooming in 2018.

At Pets Eden, Michael relishes the opportunity every day to work with animals from all sorts of breeds. With his years of expertise, he is able to give professional feedback and work with owners and their pets to help their furry friends be the best that they can be.

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