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Exclusively Cats

Our vacation services are exclusively FOR CATS ONLY. At Pets Eden, we strive to create a safe and comfortable environment for our feline friends to enjoy.  The cozy Suites are air-conditioned, steam sterilized and monitored by staff round-the-clock. The expansive vertical space within the Suite ensures that your cat has ample room to climb about its personal furniture. Cushioned alcoves within the Deluxe Room will provide your cat numerous places to lounge about and enjoy the tranquil music played in the background.

Our premises are regularly inspected and maintained by pest control and all pets that stay in our facility must be vaccinated and under a strict flea and tick protection regime. Daily room service with fresh supplies of cat litter will also be provided. Rest assured that your cat will be able to relax in a clean and hygienic Suite.

Premier Suites

Junior Suites

*Premier Suites are in a Cat Only Area

*Junior Suites are in a Cat Only Area

Deluxe Rooms

*Deluxe Rooms are in shared area with Grooming Dogs

Daily Rates

Premier Suite: $48

Junior Suite: $38 

Deluxe Room: $28


*Do note that there will be additional charges for

  • Eve of Public Holidays & Public Holidays

  • Late Check Out (if applicable)

  • Frontline or Revolution (if not applied prior to check-in)

Complimentary Services for Cats on Vacation

  • Personalized Concierge Services

    • Twice Daily Housekeeping of the Litterbox​

    • Complimentary Laundry Service

  • 24/7 Air-Conditioning​

  • 24/7 Supervision

  • Daily Play Time (with human play companion)

Additional Services Available

  • 2-way Transport

  • Grooming & Spa Services

  • Housecall Vet on Standby

We provide safe and reliable limousine service for all pets that are grooming with us. While in our care, we make sure that your pet will arrive safely to its destination, Pets Eden. We take pride in offering you, our customer, a peace of mind knowing that safety is our first priority in pet transportation. 

**Transport charges apply

**Transport Service is for pets only

**Transport Schedule & Timing is subject to Traffic Conditions

Pet Limousine Service

Call Us at 6258 3201 or WhatsApp to 9227 7915 to Make an Appointment Now

Our Staff

All the staff at Pets Eden love animals and have undergone a course in positive reinforcement training for dogs & cats at the PUPS training school. We understand that every pet is special in its own way, and will ensure that your cat gets the individual attention it deserves. Daily scheduled playtime for the friendly cats keeps them entertained and exercised. Regular updates on your cat will be given to you as well throughout its stay.

House Rules

  • Guests will need to go through a parasite and fungus assessment prior to check-in.

  • Pet owners must provide proof of vaccination for every guest checking in. Pets must be up-to-date on vaccinations (within last year) and latest vaccination administered must be more than 2 weeks before check in date​

  • Guests have to be clean and odour-free and up-to-date with “frontline” or “revolution” prior to check-in. They can be groomed at our hotel and/or “frontline/revolution” can be applied for a fee. Please refer to our grooming rates.

  • Our suites are spacious enough to accommodate more than one guest. If you have multiple cats, please call/text to enquire about room sharing.

  • Your cat’s stay with us should be relaxing and enjoyable for all concern. That’s why Pets Eden do have visiting hours (2pm to 5pm during office hours) and do require an appointment scheduled in advance of your visit.

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Pets Eden
29 Everitt Road
Singapore 428576

Opening Hours
Mon : 10am to 7pm

Tue : Closed

Wed : 10am to 7pm

Thu : 10am to 7pm

Fri : 10am to 7pm

Sat : 10am to 7pm

Sun: 10am to 5pm

Public Holidays : (Closed)

Contact Us
Tel : 6258 3201 

WhatsApp : 9227 7915

Email : admin@petseden.net

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