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Level 1


  1. Introduction To Rabbit Grooming

  2. Rabbit Handling Skills

  3. Holistic Approach To Rabbit Care

  4. Grooming Tools & Equipment

  5. Basics Of Rabbit Grooming

    • Nail & Pawpad Trimming

    • Ear Cleaning

    • Sanitary Area Trimming & Cleaning

    • Fur/Coat Brushing

    • Dry Bath For Rabbits

  6. Sanitation & Disinfection

  7. Equipment Care & Maintenance

  8. Parasite Protection

Course Dates:

Level 2

Foundation Plus

  1. Advance Rabbit Handling Skills

  2. Wet Shower For Rabbits

  3. Rabbit Body Language

  4. Assessing A Rabbit’s Temperaments

  5. Understanding Rabbit behaviour

  6. Safe Rabbit Handling Techniques

  7. Drying Techniques According To Coat Type

**Pre-requisite: Level 1 - Foundation

Course Dates:

Level 3

The Natural Rabbit

  1. Proper Brushing Techniques to prepare the coat for Scissoring

  2. Fur/Coat Carding

  3. Fur/Coat Dematting

  4. Scissoring For Rabbit

  5. Hairstyle: The Natural Rabbit

*Pre-requisite: Level 2- Foundation Plus

Note: Participants will need to have 1 x 7" thinning shears for this level. You may purchase it from Pets Eden at the Student Special Price of $195

Course Dates:

Workshop Fees

$150 for 1 Level - $100 Deposit required

$290 for 2 Levels - $200 Deposit required

$430 for 3 Levels - $300 Deposit required

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  • Do note that the pricing above is per participant

  • Deposits are required to confirm your booking

  • Deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable

  • Do note that if you need to change the date of your booking, we require at least 3 days notice or else the deposit will be forfeited

  • Customized Classes can be arranged, minimum of 3 Students required to start a class


  • Certificate of Attendance

    • upon Completion of Workshop


  • You are required to bring along your pet for the workshop if you would like a hands-on experience

  • Alternatively, if you do not have a suitable pet, you may choose to watch a grooming demonstration session instead


  • Please bring along all your grooming tools for the workshop (if you have any)

  • You may choose to purchase additional grooming equipment from Pets Eden if you require

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