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Workshops Available

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Level 1A


  1. Introduction To Rabbit Grooming

  2. Rabbit Handling Skills

  3. Holistic Approach To Rabbit Care

  4. Grooming Tools & Equipment

  5. Basics Of Rabbit Grooming

    • Nail & Pawpad Trimming

    • Ear Cleaning

    • Sanitary Area Trimming & Cleaning

    • Fur/Coat Brushing

    • Dry Bath For Rabbits

  6. Sanitation & Disinfection

  7. Equipment Care & Maintenance

  8. Parasite Protection

Course Fees:

  • Single Level

    • $155 (Weekday)

    • $250 (Weekend)

  • Full Course (3 Levels)​

    • $530 (Weekday)​

    • $820 (Weekend)


  • 2 hours (per Level)

Class Size:

  • 1 Instructor to 1 Student

furry rabbit.jpg

Level 2

The Natural Rabbit

  1. Proper Brushing Techniques to prepare the coat for Scissoring

  2. Fur/Coat Carding

  3. Fur/Coat Dematting

  4. Scissoring For Rabbit

  5. Hairstyle: The Natural Rabbit

** Note:

  • For this level, Students will need to have

    • 1 x 7" Professional Thinning Shears

  • You may purchase it from Pets Eden at Student Special Prices

Course Fees:

  • Single Level

    • $250 (Weekday)

    • $350 (Weekend)

  • Full Course (3 Levels)​

    • $530 (Weekday)​

    • $820 (Weekend)


  • 2 hours (per Level)

Class Size:

  • 1 Instructor to 1 Student


Level 1B

Foundation Plus

  1. Advance Rabbit Handling Skills

  2. Wet Shower For Rabbits

  3. Rabbit Body Language

  4. Assessing A Rabbit’s Temperaments

  5. Understanding Rabbit behaviour

  6. Safe Rabbit Handling Techniques

  7. Drying Techniques According To Coat Type

Course Fees:

  • Single Level

    • $155 (Weekday)

    • $250 (Weekend)

  • Full Course (3 Levels)​

    • $530 (Weekday)​

    • $820 (Weekend)


  • 2 hours (per Level)

Class Size:

  • 1 Instructor to 1 Student


Professional Certification

Assessments by Level

  • You may choose to take the next step towards Professional Certification.

  • Assessment available for every level.

  • You may choose to book Practice Sessions to help prepare you for your Assessment

  • Upon satisfactory passing of Assessments for

    • Levels 1A & 1B - you will be awarded the 'Assistant Rabbit Groomer' Certificate

    • All 5 levels - you will be awarded the 'Professional Rabbit Groomer' Certificate

** Note:

For both your Assessment & Practice Session, you are required to bring your own rabbit


  • Single Level

    • $120 (Weekday)

    • $200 (Weekend)

  • All 3 Levels

    • $330 (Weekday)​

    • $570 (Weekend)

  • Duration​

    • Up to 2 hours (per level)​

(Optional) Practice Session:

  • Single Level

    • $50/hr (Weekday)

    • $100/hr (Weekend)

  • Duration​

    • Max 2hrs per booking​

  • Assigned Groomer - One of our Professional Groomers will be assigned to supervise your work

**Price above is per participant and is in Singapore Dollars (SGD)

**Do note that we will require a 50% deposit to confirm your spot for the workshop/assessment. If you need to change the date of your booking, we require at least 3 days notice or else the deposit will be forfeited

**Do note that there will be additional charges for Revolution if you have not applied on your rabbit prior to your class


You are required to bring along your pet for the workshop if you would like a hands-on experience. 

Alternatively, you may choose to watch a grooming demonstration instead.

Cute Bunny


  • You may choose to purchase a Professional Toolbox Set from Pets Eden

  • Alternatively, you may bring along all your grooming tools for the workshop (if you have any), and purchase additional grooming equipment from Pets Eden if you require​

** All Students will be eligible to purchase grooming equipment at Student Special Prices

wooden hair brush.jpg


  • Certificate of Attendance Issued upon Completion of Workshop

  • Certificate of Completion Issued upon passing of Assessment


About the Trainer - Michael Farro

Michael has been professionally grooming cats for more than 8 years now and has the ability to handle cats with care, while achieving a fabulous look for them. This is largely due to his years of experience and love for animals.

Michael started his grooming career with dogs and was actively involved in the dog show field since the age of 13, giving him many years of exposure grooming and handling dogs of a wide variety of breeds. After proving himself in his hometown of Philippines, Michael was given the opportunity to compete in Singapore where he underwent further grooming education in Singapore by the Singapore Kennel Club and performed outstandingly at the Singapore Kennel Club grooming competition, winning the Best Technical Award; awarded to the best groomer out of 100 in the category.


Michael has also been awarded the SKC Class C Qualification in Professional Dog Grooming in 2012, and subsequently the SKC Class B Qualification in Professional Dog Grooming in 2018.

WhatsApp Image 2020-09-24 at 4.32.55 PM.

At Pets Eden, Michael relishes the opportunity every day to work with animals from all sorts of breeds. With his years of expertise, he is able to give professional feedback and work with owners and their pets to help their furry friends be the best that they can be.

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Cat Workshop Student