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Rabbit Type

Long Haired

Separate Grooming Room

At Pets Eden, Cats & Rabbits are groomed in a separate room, away from dogs. We strive to provide your furkids with the most enjoyable, least stressful grooming they've ever experienced.

no dogs allowed.png

Checking for Parasites on all Pets

At Pets Eden, we take hygiene very seriously. All pets are checked for Parasites before we start grooming

no parasites.png

Get an Update on Your Bunny's Condition

At Pets Eden, we care for your rabbit. Our groomer will update you if we discover anything off the norm about your bunny (bald patches/redness/lumps/etc)

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Daily Disinfecting of Premises

At Pets Eden, we take hygiene very seriously. Our Premises are disinfected at the end of everyday.


We'll text you on WhatsApp 9227 7915 if there is a need to change the timing, otherwise Bookings will be confirmed via email

For enquiries, you may also call us or Whatsapp to 9227 7915

If we do not answer your call, apologies we are busy grooming. please drop us a text on WhatsApp and we'll respond as soon as possible

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