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Rabbit Type

Long Haired

Exclusively Rabbits

At Pets Eden, Rabbits are groomed in a separate room, away from other pets. We strive to provide your furkids with the most enjoyable, least stressful grooming they've ever experienced.

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Disinfecting of Workstations between Pets

At Pets Eden, we take hygiene very seriously. Grooming Tables and Bath Tubs are disinfected between Pets.


Open Floor Concept

With our open floor concept, there is 100% transparency and you'll be able to watch as your furry loved ones are pampered by our gentle stylists. 

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Daily Disinfecting of Premises

At Pets Eden, we take hygiene very seriously. Our Premises are disinfected at the end of everyday.


Grooming Charges

Cute Bunny
  • If you are not sure what breed or which category your rabbit falls under, don't worry.

  • Assessment before Grooming - When your pet arrives, our groomer will discuss with you on what you would like for grooming and advise price accordingly

  • If the price is ok with you, then grooming will commence

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Grooming Appointments

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  • For Walk-In Clients

    • Appointment Timings

      • Full Grooming: About 2 hours process per pet (depending on thickness of coat & temperament of rabbit)

      • Basic Grooming: About 1hour process per pet (depending on thickness of coat & temperament of rabbit)

      • Wet Shower: Additional 1hour process per pet (depending on thickness of coat & temperament of rabbit)

    • If you have a Time Constraint

      • Book a 10am appointment, and be the first to arrive. This way, we can start on your pet first, and you can have it back as soon as he/she is ready

    • Please pick up your pet Latest

      • by 6.30pm (Mon to Sat)

      • by 4.30pm (Sundays)

      • to avoid any After-Hours surcharge

    • Payment Options

      • Cash​

      • Nets

      • Credit Card (Visa/Master/Amex)

      • PayNow

  • For Clients who require Transport (transport charges apply)

    • ​​Payment Options

      • PayNow

      • Cash (pay to driver)

    • Booking Online

      • Select any timing between 11am and 3pm when making the booking

      • We will respond to you via WhatsApp 9227 7915 to confirm Transport availability

How Often Should I Groom My Rabbit?

For Long Hair Rabbits

rabbit shower.png

Recommendation: Once a Month

  • Full Grooming every 3 months

For Short Hair Rabbits

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Recommendation: Once a Month

For enquiries, you may also call us at 6258 3201 or Whatsapp to 9227 7915

If we do not answer your call, apologies we are busy grooming. please drop us a text on WhatsApp and we'll respond as soon as possible