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Exclusively Rabbits

At Pets Eden, Rabbits are groomed in a separate room, away from other pets. We strive to provide your furkids with the most enjoyable, least stressful grooming they've ever experienced.

Disinfecting of Workstations between Pets

At Pets Eden, we take hygiene very seriously. Grooming Tables and Bath Tubs are disinfected between Pets.

Open Floor Concept

With our open floor concept, there is 100% transparency and you'll be able to watch as your furry loved ones are pampered by our gentle stylists. 

Daily Disinfecting of Premises

At Pets Eden, we take hygiene very seriously. Our Premises are disinfected at the end of everyday.

Meet Our Stylists


Pet Stylist

  • Began his career in logistics. started grooming in 2017 after needing a change from the corporate world

  • Sam’s patience and keen eye for detail has helped him complete the relevant courses and he been grooming pets for more than 2 years

  • Sam specializes in handling sensitive pets


Pet Stylist

  • Started his career in the Biological Science industry. However, Maurice found his calling when he discovered pet grooming.

  • Maurice’s drive and determination has helped him complete the relevant courses and he been grooming pets for more than 2 years

  • Maurice specializes in handling sensitive pets


Head Stylist

  • Michael has been actively involved in the dog show field since the age of 13

  • Has been competing since 2012

  • Has been awarded the SKC Class B Qualification in Professional Dog Grooming (Singapore Kennel Club)

  • Michael specializes in precision haircuts

Price for Basic Grooming

Our packages are carefully tailored to achieve holistic wellness for each breed. Rest assured that your rabbit will come out looking good and feeling great.

Short Hair Rabbit

Basic Grooming $35

Long Hair Rabbit

Basic Grooming $45

**Basic Grooming includes Clean Ears, Cut Nails, Trim Paws, Trim Hygiene Area & Dry Bath

**Add-On Shower available ($20 to $30)

**Add-On Haircut available ($10 to $30)

**2-way Transport available ($20 to $40)

**Price Chart above is in SGD (Singapore Dollars)

*Dematting charges may apply (if applicable)

**Here at Pets Eden we value the health, safety & hygiene of all animals grooming with us, thus if pet is found to be infected with parasites (ticks/mites/fleas) or ringworm (or any form of contagious fungal infection), surcharges will apply for professional disinfection (whichever applicable)

Call us at 6258 3201 or whatsapp to 9227 7915 to make an appointment now

​Pet Limousine Service

We provide safe and reliable limousine service for all pets that are grooming with us. While in our care, we make sure that your pet will arrive safely to its destination, Pets Eden. We take pride in offering you, our customer, a peace of mind knowing that safety is our first priority in pet transportation. 

**Transport charges apply

**Transport Service is for pets only

**Transport Schedule & Timing is subject to Traffic Conditions

Basic Grooming Package

The basic grooming session is designed to help maintain your cat’s hygiene and well being. Regular grooming is essential in keeping your cat healthy and comfortable, allowing it to feel at its best. It is especially important for long-haired cats who are prone to matted fur or shedding.

What it includes:

Nail Clipping

Regular nail clipping prevents overgrowth, and reduces chances of accidental scratches during playtime.

Pawpad Trimming & Cleaning

When bunny takes a walk around her environment, dirt and other bits of grime accumulates under her paws. All of it adds up and contributes to bad odours. By trimming the fur, the chance of your rabbit tracking dirt everywhere is greatly reduced, as are the chances of infections.

Ear Cleaning

This is to remove ear wax and dead skin from your rabbit’s ears. Regular ear cleaning is recommended to reduce the chance of ear mites and infections.

Powder Bath

As rabbits are naturally sensitive, water baths are highly discouraged. The stress of being bathed in water could cause a rabbit to go into shock, and fall sick. At Pets Eden, the bath part of our rabbit grooming package involves a dry bath, in which we run a non-toxic, cleansing powder over her fur, leaving your rabbit clean and smelling great.

Grooming Gallery

Call us at 6258 3201 or whatsapp to 9227 7915 to make an appointment now

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