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Terms & Conditions

Conditions under which animals (“pets”) are accepted at Pets Eden Salon & Spa (“Pets Eden”)

The owner agrees to all the conditions set out below and further warrants that:

1) All details given on the registration form are true and accurate;

2) Vaccination certificates are accurate, valid and pertinent; Vaccinations must be current and complete, and any new vaccinations must be completed at least 3 weeks prior to commencement of staycation;

3) To pay all costs and fees not later than the day of admittance of the pet to Pets Eden and any additional charges incurred by the pet will be paid before the pet leaves Pets Eden;

4) Agree that our final invoice to you is the correct amount that is owing by you to us and that you will pay all fees costs whatsoever incurred by us in recovering the amount including legal fees on a full indemnity basis in the event that we commence legal proceedings to recover the amount

5) The pet must be dropped off and picked up within the advertised operating hours of Pets Eden. Any out of hours actions are at the discretion of Pets Eden and may be charged for;

6) The pet admitted are fit and free from any infectious disease and have not been exposed to infectious diseases within 6 weeks of admission; Full disclosure has been made of habits, traits, characteristics, and/ailments peculiar to the pet;

7) Under no circumstances will Pets Eden, or any of its employees or agents be responsible for Paralysis Tick, Canine Influenza, Cat Flu, injury, sickness, death, loss or damage of any kind whatsoever that may occur to any pet staying at Pets Eden;

8) Veterinary treatment, deworming, tick & flea treatment, will be administered if deemed necessary. Pet Eden will make reasonable effort to contact the owner, if no contact can be made, Pets Eden will commence to rectify the issue and charges may apply. These items will be charged for as will transport to and from the vet or other facility, and payment is due on collection of the pet;

9) If parasites (ticks/fleas/mites) are found on the pet upon during grooming, a $100 Pest Control Surcharge will be applicable.

10) If ringworm (or other forms of contagious fungal infection) are found on the pet during grooming, a $250 Pest Control Surcharge for disinfection of the premise will be applicable.

11) (Applicable for staycation pets) Visiting hours are between 2pm to 5pm during office hours and do require an appointment scheduled in advance of the visit. The appointment must be made by the owners or their assigned alternate;

12) No responsibility is accepted for any articles such as collars, leads, containers and bedding etc left at Pets Eden; and

13) Pets Eden has the right to refuse admission of any pet and no reason may be given.

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