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Our kitty friends – as we know them – absolutely hates water. Research have shown that while tigers may enjoy soaking in water (as a way to help them cool down in their high-temperature environment), domestic cats have evolved to dislike water due to the fact that most breeds have coats that absorb water, resulting in the difficulty for them to get dry.

Here are some pros and cons of giving our kitty friends wet showers:


  • They will be cleaner and fresher

  • Showers help lessen their undercoat

  • They could potentially get into habit of getting wet showers with more exposure


  • Stress

*Important Note

Showering a cat can be a stressful experience for both kitty and his/her owner. Hence, it is important to start going to a groomer that can establish trust with your cat when kitty is still young.

If you’re looking into getting your cats freshened up with a good scrub, leave it to the professionals at Pets Eden today! 😊

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